France Quirion

I am a photographer and also an artist, a mom, a granny, a person who loves the beautiful and the good. Lin + Quotidien combines my two passions, photography and a natural lifestyle. I am also convinced that linen is the right choice in today’s world. Buying things made to last from a small local artisanal production is in the spirit of the times. Choosing a fiber with a small environmental footprint, a noble material, always synonymous with elegance, is a responsible and sustainable purchase. In short, Lin + Quotidien is the integration of the arts and my philosophy of life.

François Gagné

My husband, François Gagné, is an integral part of the team. He always supports all the background work. You don’t see him go, but he never stops. He is the one who makes all the wooden articles presented on Lin + Quotidien. He is a skilled man in many fields, an accomplished gardener and craftsman, he does everything in a dedicated manner, aiming only for excellence.

Fabienne Veilleux

Our team would not be complete without Fabienne Veilleux. It is from her that I learned a new trade, that of seamstress, due to the pandemic. Fabienne knows how to do everything in sewing. She knows all the tricks to do an exceptional job. Her efficiency is formidable. She is an ace for our little business.

Finally, we want to end by saying that we are grateful to be sewing, designing new patterns, rethinking things, cutting wood and creating for you. Thank you for supporting our 100% local small business! Only the linen is imported, because it is no longer grown and transformed here in Quebec for textile fiber. Let’s hope one day to reconnect with our past, when flax growing was part of the farm activities in all the small country villages.