Blue Striped Tea Towels | Pure Eco Linen


Our pure blue striped eco linen tea towels are a great choice: they wipe well, the texture and grain are what we like, they are durable and we love those pretty stripes.

At this weight, 240 gsm (7.1 oz/sq. ft.), this linen falls into the heavyweight category, which gives it all the qualities for projects where good performance is expected. This dishcloth doesn’t have the same hand as the pure striped eco linen canvas (9.1 oz/sq. m.) that we love for its texture and organic style. It is lighter, but without losing the rustic feel of the material. So it will also do very well for wiping wine glasses or other delicate things.

The edges are hemmed at each end, leaving the selvages as they are.

Finally, it’s a safe buy: high performance, made of a noble material, with a nice texture, neat finishes and stripes.
Stock up on them, they look so good all folded up and arranged in a pile.
If you’re looking for a handmade hostess gift, this is a great choice, useful and sure to please.

They are available in 19”x28”.

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Weight 300 g
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 5 cm


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