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Lin + Quotidien wants to do a little something for Ukraine. The situation in their country is so horrible and so heartbreaking. To see their families, their cities, their heritage and their lives destroyed is absolute nonsense, as evil always is at this level.

We are offering a 19″ x 28″ pure linen dishcloth sewn from the pure 7.1 oz/square yard eco linen with a beautiful grain. You will receive one of the three colors shown here, depending on availability. They are Natural and Black or Natural and White or Natural and Blue. We hope with all our hearts that we can make a small difference with our thoughts, our desire to help and hopefully many sales. In order to promote this initiative, we have asked for the support of Nataliya Lityuk who is Ukrainian and organizer of a fundraiser in L’Ancienne-Lorette (near Quebec City).

The Costs

The cost of a dishcloth (19″ x 28″) ends up being 16$. It includes the cost of the linen (an imported product), its transportation, the customs fees, the exchange fees, the shipping fees (the envelope and the postage fees) and the cost of the transaction on our site (Paypal). The price is 30$ plus 10$ for shipping cost. You will be charged $10, but we will send your dishclothes via regular mail, which will cost $5 instead of an amount varying between $11 and $15 depending on the destination in Quebec. This does not include the fact that the linen is washed and dried here before being cut.

You pay $40 ($30 for the dishclothes + $10 for shipping costs, $5 of which will be donated to the fundraiser) plus sales taxes.
For each dishcloth sold, we will give 19$ to Mrs. Nataliya Lityuk for the fundraiser which goes directly to the Ukrainians, without any salary or management fees.

Thank you in advance for your generosity!
Help us to help!


Informations complémentaires

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 2 cm


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