My husband, François Gagné, and I, France Quirion, are a tandem of artists and artisans who have been working together for over 40 years now. We started our life together in Montreal where François was taking a course in institutional cooking. As for me, I was working in a framing house. Together, we also made cards that featured a small painting on silk. These were sold in a few art stores in Montreal. Over the years, we have dabbled in many forms of art and craft and our talents have always been appreciated and recognized by our peers in any field.

France Quirion

I am a photographer and also an artist, a mom, a grandma, a person who loves beauty and goodness. Lin + Quotidien combines my two passions, photography and natural lifestyle. Linen has always been an important part of my wardrobe. I am also convinced that linen is the right choice in today’s world. Buying things made to last from a small local artisanal production is in the spirit of the times. Choosing a fiber with a small environmental footprint, a noble material, always synonymous with authenticity, is a responsible and sustainable purchase. In short, Lin + Quotidien is the integration of the arts and my philosophy of life.

François Gagné

François makes all the wonderful wood creations featured on Lin + Quotidien. He is a hard worker who always supports the work behind the scene. He is also a passionnate gardener who beautifies our property with all the flowers from his gardens. He also fills our pantry with fruits and vegetables from orchard and gardens. He is a man skilled in many areas. He does everything in a dedicated way, aiming only for excellence.

Finally, we want to end by saying that we are grateful to cut and sew linen, and also to create unique jewelry or utilitarian items made of wood. Thank you for supporting our 100% local small business!

Linen, like exotic woods, are however  imported products. Let’s remember that flax has not been grown or transformed here in Quebec, nor even in Canada for textile fiber for a long time now. Let’s hope one day to revive our past when this culture was part of the farm activities in all the small country villages.