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Branding: Create an environmentaly responsible signature

Branding is both highly motivating and super demanding!
The idea is to create a modern and timeless signature, consistent with an eco-friendly approach. Here we go!
Step One: Elaborate on the things we really care about to find what will work for the labelling of our Lin + Quotidien creations, clothing and table linens, and for the look of our pretty recycled kraft boxes, with which our client has his first contact.

The points:
1.Create a brand image that stands out, but on an artisanal scale…truly artisanal.
2. Do it with style and also in an environmentally responsible way, to keep things consistent.
3. Create a language that is recognizable and associated with a quality consumer experience.
4. A signature that is recognized by those who are looking for artisanal, local and eco-friendly products.

So here we are, browsing the web for something that meets all of these criteria.
First alternative: Fabric labels. The market offers something for everyone: Cotton or polyester labels in various formats, with or without the logo, with the required information embroidered or printed. Those are offered in a wide range of sizes, colors and prices. Already, quite a headache! They are manufactured on a large scale, on a small scale, in China, in the USA, or offered on Etsy from all over.

The thing is that Lin + Quotidien offers a selection of products that require a wide variety of labels: Labels for sizes: S, M, L, or 6-8-10-12, etc. Labels for dimensions, another for care, another for composition (we use 99% pure linen). It’s enough to make you lose your latin!
Moreover, we have to think about the inventory and renew it, which sometimes implies having to buy a whole new batch when the size M is the only one missing. They also require that we take the time to make a nice stitch seam that follows the edges well and put them in the right place. This last step still requires meticulousness if we don’t want it to destroy the quality impression of our creations in the blink of an eye. They represent one more management for a small artisanal company where the craftswoman (the two craftswomen in peak season) does everything, design, sewing, photography, delivery, and the rest! But, not only that, they are also a surplus of unnecessary materials. What do we do with the fabric tags that stick to our necks, waists or hips? We cut them off. Their usefulness is therefore quite ephemeral.

As this solution does not suit us, we have to look for another alternative. Several more days of browsing on the web and indecisions with constant feedback on our needs and priorities. And Bam! On Etsy, we discover a small company located in Barcelona, Spain called Biterswit. The owners and creators are Norma and Carlota. Biterswit offers original and adapted solutions to all the small artisanal companies that we can imagine. Moreover, they make exactly what you need on custom. There are things that are really perfect for sewing, pottery, soap making, selling farm products, like a date stamp for dozens of eggs for example, and various icons for just about everything: Recycled things, Sustainable Packaging, etc.

So that will be our solution! Once we’ve made our beautiful things, all that’s left to do is get out our Linen + Daily custom stamps and India ink and put the pretty finishing touches on our creations! And even if the stamp is not placed exactly in the middle of the collar, it doesn’t detract from the beauty of the collar or the quality of our work! See for yourself how pretty it looks on our garments and on our pretty packaging boxes made of recycled kraft cardboard.



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The Black&White Collection: Tour of Inspirations

Little tour of inspirations

What a pleasure to make with you a small tour of the inspirations for this small collection of clothes in black & white, entirely artisanal. How can I connect my passion for photography and fashion? The idea came up: Black & White. As a photographer and fashion designer, the loop comes full circle. This idea of black & white also makes things possible. It gives me the way forward and allows me to create a small, very personal collection, the result of my obsession for photography and my work as a seamstress who is slowly learning the trade of milliner. The choice of black & white also limits the number of colors to keep in stock when making clothes. Linen is stacked in my studio, which is both the sewing studio and the product photography studio. Although the room is large, it has nothing to do with a factory.

The approach

The black & white collection is the meeting of fine arts and artistic creativity with linen and clothing. The idea of creating a sustainable fashion, respectful of the environment also concerns me. Linen is the least polluting plant in the textile industry. It requires no herbicides and insecticides, or in acceptable quantities, nor watering. Artisanal and local small-scale garments are also elements that contribute to a healthier use of our resources. Here I make a parenthesis, please, support your artists and artisans. We need you, to continue to create and also, to keep the flame alive.

When I was thinking about what I wanted to create as clothing, white linen came to mind. I remembered the singer Sting during a show on the Plains of Abraham in Quebec City in 2007 or 2008. The artist was dressed in white linen from head to toe, white guitar. Linen has an almost mythical character that comes from both the white color and the linen material. Really, who doesn’t own at least one white linen top? As for black, I was inspired by Coco Chanel and her little black dress invented in 1926. It’s a garment that always charms us, that is constantly reinvented and can be found in the collections of all the world’s fashion designers and worn by the most prestigious models. The story of the little black dress, which represents the French chic, is also linked to the destiny of Édith Piaf who made it her favourite garment. So, white and black will be my signature.

The idea

The idea of a photographer? To create photogenic clothes, with a perfect elegance, which combine style and beauty. The shapes? Graphic, simple, minimalist, but still very feminine. A bohemian effect, yes it is a natural choice. Modern cuts, but a little vintage too, like an ode to the beginnings of photography. Clothes that speak to us, that are not only comfortable, but that are also a feast for the senses. The idea is also to create an experience that immerses us in a world of art and beauty. A parenthesis to escape from the daily life.

Our finishings

Where does our inspiration come from for our beautiful zigzag embroidery finishes on frayed edges and hems? From the extraordinary magazine VOW – Hochzeitsguide, Fine Art Wedding Inspirations. In No. 4, a black-skinned bride poses in a simple white dress with a frayed neckline and bottom sleeves. I fell in love. I’ve been trying for over two years now to reproduce this finish in a way that is beautiful, suitable for linen and also resistant. I finally found what I really like in early January 2021, after many tries. The beautiful Top No.3 is entirely made with frayed edges as well as the jumper dress and the Peter Pan collar. It is sublime and the bohemian-chic effect is perfect. I love making these finishes. Each time, I am delighted with the result.