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Lin + Quotidien : Breathing in the Christmas Spirit

On Lin + Quotidien, the site takes on a festive air. We want to infuse the Christmas spirit so that a visit to our small virtual country store will inspire you, make you happier and soften your daily life.
“In a world filled with stress and anxiety, people like to refer to things that make them happy, and Christmas decorations evoke that deep feeling that comes from childhood” (Steve McKeown, psychoanalyst).

For the holiday season under the sign of Covid-19, it will be necessary to imagine new ways of celebrating, while avoiding making this heavy reality heavy. I invite you to bathe in the atmosphere of Christmas, to fill your heart with beautiful images that make you feel good. To make this beautiful DIY project that you fell in love with a long time ago and that will always remain in your memory. To do something a little different, like decorating an outdoor fir tree for the birds by placing little wreaths that you will have made yourself by gluing grains for red cardinals, chickadees or nuthatches. Take the time to find out which of them bravely spend the winter with us and continue to offer us their songs in the worst conditions we can imagine.

Cook the Christmas dish, the one that made your family happy in another time, or the dish that your mother always happily cooked. Go outside to get some fresh air and collect a few branches of fir or pine and simply gather them into a pretty sheaf that you will tie with a ribbon that sleeps in the bottom of your drawers. This wreath placed on your front door will be a testament to your hospitality and your warm welcome. “It is said that people whose homes are decorated before Christmas are friendlier and more inclusive than those who do not decorate.

Collect pine cones and linger to discover them: the pretty rosettes of larch or cedar trees, the elongated pine cones often still full of sap from the white pine, the pretty round pine cones form the red pine or the elongated spruce cones of a beautiful reddish color.  Teach your grandchildren about pine cones, virtually if you have to. And again, give thanks for the evergreen trees, the color of hope and which make our winter landscapes so enchanting. These are simple gestures for which little effort is required, but which produce well-being.

Besides, it will soon be Black Friday and the invitation to consume will be planetary with crazy discounts, at the same time inviting to over-consumption. At Lin + Quotidien, we cannot offer discounts on our linen articles, simply because we make them to order, in a handcrafted way. We bet on the durable and timeless because we believe that we can live better with less and thus get closer to ourselves. Quality is our focus, not industrial production. We focus on the beautiful and the good that makes people happy and celebrates life. We focus on fine craftsmanship, the kind that once made women proud of their beautiful work and made them happy and proud of the work they did.

Thank you for your encouragement, your purchases, your advice, they go straight to my heart and allow me to continue to move forward. I invite you to purchase our beautiful handmade linen things, they are great gifts that will certainly be appreciated and become family treasures.


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New on Lin + Quotidien: Women’s Fashion


A simple, elegant fashion, inspired by vintage patterns, paintings by French painters Jean-François Millet and César Pattein, details observed here and there in the course of a woman’s life. A slightly bohemian fashion sometimes, a bit nostalgic, which reminds us of the clothes painted in these pastoral scenes and which sublimates the work of the peasants. A dignified fashion. A fashion which bets on the classic cuts, those which are advantageous.

A fashion for the pleasure of feeling like a woman and at its best. Like a high waistline that redefines it without emphasizing the hips. Like a princess cut, always perfect for all silhouettes. Like long dresses for the pleasure of femininity felt in the meters of fabric that sway in the wind. Dresses, always dresses, loose fitting cut or fitted. Dresses that move, twirl, make heads turn. A wedding dress also, made of pure white linen, like apple trees in bloom. A pretty dress for little girls, the harvest style, who want to be like mom. Dresses with poetic names, to communicate the value of handmade things by putting the best of oneself in them.

All the beautiful things found on Lin + Quotidien are handmade, in the attic of the big old house I live in, built by my ancestors in Saint-Benoît-Labre. It is me, France, with my dear Fabienne, who is a woman of trade like no other, who cuts and sews them.

But, no, we don’t grow our linen, we don’t spin it or weave it either. These things require flax fields in cultivation, expertise and specialized equipment that we do not have.

Besides, we will never choose China for manufacturing. Not that things are badly done as some people say. On the contrary, they are very well done. Rather, it is because I do not subscribe to this modern form of slavery, which is the abusive use of people’s labor power without paying a fair price. All this, to flood our markets and offer us clothes that cost less than fabric by the meter. It makes no sense. But that’s the subject of another blog article.

Look book on Kamylle who wears the black long dress and on Sandrine who wears the short dress Lie de vin.