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New on Lin + Quotidien: Women’s Fashion


A simple, elegant fashion, inspired by vintage patterns, paintings by French painters Jean-François Millet and César Pattein, details observed here and there in the course of a woman’s life. A slightly bohemian fashion sometimes, a bit nostalgic, which reminds us of the clothes painted in these pastoral scenes and which sublimates the work of the peasants. A dignified fashion. A fashion which bets on the classic cuts, those which are advantageous.

A fashion for the pleasure of feeling like a woman and at its best. Like a high waistline that redefines it without emphasizing the hips. Like a princess cut, always perfect for all silhouettes. Like long dresses for the pleasure of femininity felt in the meters of fabric that sway in the wind. Dresses, always dresses, loose fitting cut or fitted. Dresses that move, twirl, make heads turn. A wedding dress also, made of pure white linen, like apple trees in bloom. A pretty dress for little girls, the harvest style, who want to be like mom. Dresses with poetic names, to communicate the value of handmade things by putting the best of oneself in them.

All the beautiful things found on Lin + Quotidien are handmade, in the attic of the big old house I live in, built by my ancestors in Saint-Benoît-Labre. It is me, France, with my dear Fabienne, who is a woman of trade like no other, who cuts and sews them.

But, no, we don’t grow our linen, we don’t spin it or weave it either. These things require flax fields in cultivation, expertise and specialized equipment that we do not have.

Besides, we will never choose China for manufacturing. Not that things are badly done as some people say. On the contrary, they are very well done. Rather, it is because I do not subscribe to this modern form of slavery, which is the abusive use of people’s labor power without paying a fair price. All this, to flood our markets and offer us clothes that cost less than fabric by the meter. It makes no sense. But that’s the subject of another blog article.

Look book on Kamylle who wears the black long dress and on Sandrine who wears the short dress Lie de vin.




14 thoughts on “New on Lin + Quotidien: Women’s Fashion

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment! You are always welcome on my little shop where everything is handmade in a very small scale.

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    1. Thank you so very much to have taken your time to browse my little boutique and offer me this so kind comment! All is handmade with great care and a lot of attention to details here, by me, France the photographer and designer, and only two others persons!

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    1. Thank you to take your time to say your appreciation!

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    1. Thank you for visiting our all handmade little biz and for taking the time to read this post! Thank you so much for your appreciation!

  5. […] A dignified fashion. A fashion which bets on the classic cuts, those which are advantageous. A fashi… […]

    1. Thank you for emphasizing these authentic words filled with poetry!

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    1. Thank you so much to come by and leave a little bit of yourself!

  7. Love this article! All the outfits look so beautiful. I wish to add them to my wardrobe. Thanks a lot for sharing.

    1. Thank you so much for your appreciation, it means a lot!

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