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Our natural linen placemats are like a small work of art. With folded edges over 2” – 5.10 cm wide, they are stiff enough to stay in place on the table. We make them with almost-perfect corners, just for the joy of pairing good design with good workmanship. Fans of natural fibers in their natural state and who buy things that are sustainable in a sustainable philosophy will appreciate these.

They are offered in two colors and textures: In 7 oz./y² undyed unbleached Raw Linen and in 6 oz./y² Undyed Natural Linen. The unbleached Raw Linen is recognizable by its more or less grey tone, the variations of which are entirely due to the amount of sun and rain the linen crop has received. The Undyed Natural Linen has an oatmeal tone that we associate with linen and is suitable for all decors. Brighter than the previous one, it is also a little less rustic.

The placemats measure 14″ x 18″ – 35.50 cm x 45.70 cm.

All Lin + Quotidien items are shipped in a beautiful hand-printed Kraft box, as nice to give as to receive, for a lasting choice.

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