Blue Striped Kitchen Towels | Pure Eco Linen Canvas


Our blue striped kitchen towels are made from a 310 gr/m² – 9.1 oz/v² pure eco linen canvas, they are highly absorbent and perfect for large dishes and anything requiring a higher level of absorbency. They also make excellent hand towels. The texture, stripes and rustic beauty add a touch of farmhouse style to the kitchen. They’ll also look great in an industrial or student apartment. They’ll be a favorite with those who love stripes reminiscent of grain sacks, or those who swear by raw, “organic” materials. What’s more, they’ve retained the distinctive scent of grain and harvest. The cloths are neatly trimmed at the ends, leaving the pretty selvedges as they are. They come with a loop for hanging.

When washed and shrunk, this linen measures approximately 17″ wide (41-43 cm). It is woven using a different size thread for the warp and weft. This means that the shrinkage occurs differently in length and width and produces slight waves on the selvedge side that do not fully resolve when ironed. To say that this canvas represents the perfect of the imperfect is the best way to describe it.

The kitchen towels measure approximately 17”x28” (41×71 cm).

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