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Our pure linen kitchen towels are offered here in a combination of five different neutral colors, textures and stripes. They have that natural chic and simplicity that is the essence of the Farmhouse style. Contemporary and vintage, rustic and modern, the Farmhouse style is a clever blend of many moods. White is the base of this style that is combined with old furniture and natural textiles. Linen takes up all the room for home textiles. The whole look is chic, bright and comforting.

This set of five kitchen towels consists of a linen with beige stripes on a natural background, a plain soft white linen, a linen made of plain raw linen and two natural and soft white striped linens.

The beige striped kitchen towel on a natural background has a coarse, rustic texture. This pure linen canvas will soften with washings and become softer and more beautiful. Like all kitchen towel made from pure linen, it is unparalleled for wiping dishes. It will absorb a phenomenal amount of water. This cloth is neatly tucked in at the top and bottom and the edges are exposed on both sides. We recommend taking it out of the dryer while still wet and ironing it with your hands. It has a weight of 9.1 oz square yard.

The plain kitchen towel in soft white is sewn from pure linen at 7.1 sq. oz. At this weight, it is a heavy linen. You’ll love it in this cameo of beige and white and for the chic note it brings to the ensemble. It is neatly edged all around. In the same quality of linen, the raw linen kitchen towel, undyed, unbleached, is like this backdrop that allows the set to move from one color to another and to pause in this harmony. It is also carefully edged all around.

The natural and soft white striped kitchen towels come in a choice of two different striped patterns. They are made from pure 7.1 oz. square yard linen. These linens are neatly tucked in at the top and bottom and the selvages are exposed on each side.

The kitchen towels measure approximately 18 “x28” (46 ×71 cm).
They are made of pure Oeko-Tex certified linen.
The linen was machine washed and dried before being made.
They come with a ribbon to hang them as shown.
This set of five kitchen towels is shipped in an pretty kraft box for durable packaging.

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