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Create an inspired table setting with these pretty, striped grain sacks placemats you won’t find anywhere else. Made of pure 7.1 oz/sq. yard eco linen, they hold securely in place while protecting the tabletop and muffling the sound of the plates.
Trendy, these placemats bring the farmhouse touch to your table. They can also be used for an industrial look or as part of a modern ensemble depending on your layout.

These placemats are offered in two versions: made in one layer or lined with raw linen which allows you to use them on both sides and create different atmospheres.
They are part of a collection that includes the utensils pouches, tea towels and our cross apron model offered in several sizes or custom made.
To complete the set, we offer our napkins made of raw eco linen.

The placemats measure 12 1/2”x17”, (30,50×43 cm).
They are available in a single layer or lined with raw eco linen.

If you are looking for a unique gift, then consider giving them with a personalized utensil bag! A gift that makes sense.

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