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This mask is made with pure linen from an ecological, ethical and certified culture. After several months of research, we discovered Simplifi Fabric | Eco + Organic, a Canadian company located in Ontario that offers exclusively ecological, ethical and certified textiles from around the world. Flax is no longer grown in Quebec for the textile industry as it once was.

Our double-layered mask made of pure linen in a beautiful striped beige tone and pure cotton in a matching colour is available in limited quantities. The supply of ecological textiles is limited to small quantities of the various textiles offered.

The mask is made with an adjustable nose wire and adjustable elastic straps to customize it for your face. The elastic straps are positioned so the knot lies behind the ears for a neat and tidy look.

About linen and its cultivation

Linen is antibacterial, antifungal, antiallergenic and thermoregulatory.  It is entirely biodegradable and recyclable. It absorbs up to 20% of moisture before giving a damp impression. It is easy to wash as it can sustain high temperatures. Once linen has been washed, it does not shrink (we wash all the linen we use before cutting it). On the contrary, if the weave is loose (open weave style), linen relaxes and stretches. Linen fibres have low elasticity, which causes it crease. It will therefore wear in any areas where creases are formed repeatedly over a long period of time. However, it has much better abrasion resistance than cotton.

Flax is a very strong plant. Whether it is certified organic or not, its cultivation is naturally organic. It is the least polluting of all the textile industries, requiring little or no fertiliser, as it can grow in poor quality soil, and few or no pesticides. It generally requires very little water for irrigation depending on the climate in which it is grown.

The Advisory Commission Report to the European Parliament stated that flax cultivation has positive effects on eco-system diversity as it allows for an “environmental pause”. One hectare of flax can retain 3.7 tonnes of CO2. Every part of the plant is used. What is not used to produce textiles is used to produce linseed oil, paper, cattle feed or even soap. Because of its natural absorbency, linen requires less dyeing than cotton. Linen therefore scores high on the ecological chart.

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