Wood Bangles | 1/2″ Width | Maple and Cherrywood

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Le Lin Quotidien’s signature wood bangles are true works of art. They are offered here in widths of approximately 1/2″ – 1.25 cm in maple and cherry. The wood complements any toilet in a stylish and sophisticated way. These jewels look great with our pure linen garments. In this width, they add rhythm and serve as dividers in a mix of bangles of various widths and wood species. When the bangles bang with each other, they make pleasant music, like wooden castanets.

Maple and cherry are two native woods. Each wood species offers a rich and varied palette of nuances. Each bangle becomes a unique and different creation. Their tones, as well as their grain, will necessarily vary somewhat from those presented here. They come in a waxed finish.

Maple and cherrywood

Maple is our safe bet in Quebec. With its light honey color, it becomes the all-purpose element that enhances the beauty of other woods. The treatment given to it by our cabinetmaker, who burns the maple while shaping it, gives it an original and very stylish look.

Cherry is a local wood whose richness always seduces cabinetmakers. It is a dense wood with deep orange tones. It darkens over time, improving like a fine wine. For fall fashion accessories, cherry offers all the warmth of its palette.

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Cherry, Maple


Rounded, Straight


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