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Our napkin rings are real jewels for the table. They are offered in a variety of exotic and native woods, natural or waxed, and are available here. The wood is warm and in the most popular species in the world, it adds a sophisticated touch, while sober. They will enhance all your reception tables. The rounds are just the right size to elegantly hold our 18″ (52cm²) or 20″ (58cm²) pure linen napkins. The outside measurement of each round is plus or minus 57 mm (2 1/4″) in diameter. The inside measurement is plus or minus 38 mm (1.5″). The round is plus or minus 23 mm (7/8″) wide and plus or minus 6 mm (1/4″) thick.

The native wood species offered are maple and cherry. The exotic wood species offered are rosewood, rosewood, ipe wood, mahogany and zebrano.
Each wood species offers a rich and varied palette of nuances. Their tones, as well as their grain, will necessarily vary somewhat from the napkin rings presented here. Each ring becomes a unique and different creation. However, we take care to make the rings of the same set from the same piece of wood. Nevertheless, the wood will have differences in tone and grain.

Native woods

Maple is our safe bet in Quebec. With its light honey color, it is the perfect complement to the beauty of other woods. The treatment given by our cabinetmaker, who burns the maple while shaping it, gives it an original and very stylish look. Natural maple, as is and unwaxed, has a very pale tone that is between creamy white and medium beige. Waxed maple takes on a golden hue.

Cherry is a local wood whose richness always seduces cabinetmakers. It is a dense wood with deep orange tones. It darkens over time, improving like a fine wine. For fall fashion accessories, cherry offers the warmth of its palette. Waxed cherry has a deep, rich auburn color. The beauty of cherry is enhanced when it is waxed.

Exotic Woods

Walnut is a valuable species, highly prized by cabinetmakers and woodworkers. It has a brownish-gray color that blends perfectly with linen. It is a hard wood, slightly grained. It has a very different appearance depending on whether it is waxed or not.

Mahogany is an exotic hardwood, pale pink or reddish brown in color. It has fine striations in its appearance, which differentiates it from cherry which is also more orange. Mahogany sometimes has a marked grain. It darkens with time, like a good wine that improves.

Rosewood or faux ebony has a deep brown tone with fine, close, well-defined ages.  The color is neutral and contains some gray. The gray effect is more pronounced if you choose unwaxed rosewood.

Ipe wood has a beautiful tobacco color. It has a dense appearance and it sounds hard. It offers an incomparable richness of nuances. The ages are distant from each other. It is a wood with a neutral color and contains gray.

Rosewood has always flirted with women as a component in perfumery. It has subtle pinkish nuances and sometimes little yellow ones. It is a dense wood with a marked veining and its ages are distant from each other. It has a very different appearance depending on whether it is waxed or not.

Zebrano is a unique wood, very design. With its zebra stripes, it is perfect for those who love fashion accessories with a touch of eccentricity. It looks very different when waxed or unwaxed. Unwaxed, it has a bluish appearance.

The waxed finish is achieved by applying a cabinetmaker grade beeswax.

These napkin rings will also make a great hostess gift.

They are shipped in a beautifully hand-stamped kraft box worthy of the product.


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