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The Daily Linen hangs the housewarming

Voilà…The Daily Linen!

The Daily Linen opens the door to a new shopping experience with custom-made products. And again, if ribbons and cords or frayed items will be delivered within a week, others items will be left wanting longer, the times it takes to carefully make them. However, we dare to believe that on a small scale, it is possible to challenge the current standards, at all, immediately and least expensive. We propose a way to do otherwise that defies the usual expectations of consumers, to realize our dreams

to live in a more human world. It is for this reason that we wanted to follow our inner voice and risk continuing this new adventure. You should know that The Daily Linen asked for a whole year fo work to design, draw, measure, cut, photograph, retouch…and start again.

Labor of love

We can say that The Daily Linen is the fruit of a labor of love and passion. It is also a place that wants to offer you a moment of beauty and grace. Let yourself be impregnated by the beautiful photographic compositions. Feel our approach of authencity. Take the time to savor the poetry of images and of words.

Of course, by discovering The Daily Linen and flipping through our pages, we hope you’ll put more linen in your life. We wish with all our heart that our aprons and pinafore dresses or our ribbons will delight you and that our table linen will seduces you. To tell the truth, we believe that linen is the fiber of life. A fiber that weaves intimately with our cultural heritage as a Quebecker, just like the heritage of humanity. This beautiful blue flower that dances with the wind is indeed the oldest fiber known for weaving various everyday items, clothing and paper. His story is lined with life, not death.

Make better

On The Daily Linen, we want to enhance our cultural heritage and our know-how. Here we made the commitment to make better, at a human pace. We also want to give a decent salary to those who make things we love, with pride in their work first. We want to live more in harmony with our ecological consciousness. If this aspect concerns you, you will read with pleasure the article Linen Eco-System on the website European Linen and Hemp. In this vein, linen is this breadcrumb trail that allows us to weave all these things together.

See some of our collections

If you would like to see some of our creations, make a detour to the presbytary of Saint-Victor in the region of Beauce, Quebec, Canada. You will discover there a small shop of local food and craft, La Victoroise. We will welcome you warmly and you will discover some items from our collections. Make sure you have read the opening hours of La Victoroise, listed on its Facebook page, which changes with the seasons.




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