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Linen, masks and pandemic

In the past two weeks, Linen + Everyday has given itself a new image, no longer floral and romantic, but graphic and modern with earthy colors, which are so suitable for linen. All of this also represents our journey during the Covid-19 pandemic, which allowed us to rest and reflect on the things we care most about. Our small company then took a whole new direction by offering you its protective masks, but remaining more than ever attached to linen.

It is also a pleasure to sew them for you in this material, coupled with very tightly woven cotton, thinking that our product will be of service to you, that it will be additional protection for yourself and others. In addition, we are convinced that the choice of this material for one of the thicknesses of our protective masks is an informed choice, because of the remarkable properties of linen. Note also that linen is the champion of ecological fibers and that this choice meets our deep motivations in terms of respect for the earth and all forms of life.

Now let’s talk about the remarkable properties of linen. First, note that linen is thermoregulatory. Thus, it brings a feeling of freshness in summer and retains heat in winter. This also means that our linen and cotton protective masks offer a little extra in terms of comfort, due to this thermoregulatory aspect of linen. However, one should not forget the intrinsic qualities of an effective  protective mask are the sealing and the adjustment. However, a very waterproof protective mask, which does not allow particles to pass, will necessarily give you the impression of a lack of air and difficulty in breathing, increasing the fatigue of a day. We must therefore find the right measure in this regard. As for the adjustment, we really thought about it. We wanted to do something simple, but that was effective without being annoying and bulky. So, by inserting a nasal bar on our protective masks, it fits perfectly on your nose and it does not slip. By offering you the possibility of adjusting it to your ears with the small cotton loop that we have added, it closes well without putting pressure on the ears, which already wear glasses for some.

Linen is also hypoallergenic, which makes it particularly attractive to people who have skin allergies. This is also the reason why it is recommended for bedding in cases of psoriasis or eczema. This further adds to the fact that linen is a wise choice for a protective mask. Linen is an absorbent fabric. Needless to say, this property is among the most appreciated in the case of protective masks. Linen is also very resistant. With the intensive washes to which the protective masks will be subjected, linen stands out in this regard.

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