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Masks: A daily revolution

While few of us expected it, we experienced a revolution. Our daily lives have been turned upside down, it will never be the same again and we will have to get used to it. On Linen + Everydeay, things have changed a lot in few weeks, as it is for all of us. We have taken a whole new direction, imposed but the context and by our desire to insert ourselves into this new life which begins little by little.

In a few days, Linen + Everyday will offer masks made of natural pure linen with a tightly woven cotton backing, which does not allow particles to pass through. We saw that linen are good fabric to use and cotton too. To learn more about particle filter fabrics, we reffered to an article published recently by Radio-Canada, which you can consult at the following adress,

Our masks are sewn in three sizes to fit the face perfectly, which is one of the key factors for effectiveness.  The model that we have developed is based on that proposed par AFNOR (French Association for norms). Simple in design, our mask fits well.

Our masks are available for men and women in regular size, for women and adolescents with a small face and for children from 7 years old, as recommended by the AFNOR Group. We have inserted a nasal bar which fits with good firmness on the nose. The elastic is adjustable behind the ears with the cotton loup at the bottom, which allows you to adjust the mask to your size. In fact the adjustment is really an important thing.

Indeed, we have read on the internet that a mask which not fits correctly causes a reduction in filtration of 60%. Adjustment problems are directly related to the leakage problem. A good mask also allows expired air to excape efficiently. This what we offer you in this first version, because there will be probably others versions, since everything is in the process of accelarated transformation by these days. What is more beautiful and natural than pure linen?

Let us remember however that wearing a mask does not exonerate barrier gestures, as recommended by our governement and by the Mondial Organisation for Health. Keeping our distance, washing our hands mulitple times in a day, avoidind touching our faces, staying at home, not holding gatherings are the essential things to respect.

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