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Waiting for Spring

The Daily Linen is currently in work in progress. Since the site was launched on June 19, several reflections have arisen, things have become obvious and they are bringing about transformations. Daily Linen is in essence the combination of my two passions, photography and romantic clothing. It is the realization of the desire to do fashion photography, but in a fashion that resonates with me. I like vintage things, textures, old patinas. These clothes there, they are sublime and sublimated in these environments. They then tell us a beautiful story, ours, and that of the women who preceded us. We all want to show our love to those who matter to us. Cooking, sewing, weaving, knitting, painting are some of these gestures that speak loud about our love and generosity. For my part, I like to create, compose and also, rethink things. All of this is very poetic to me. From next spring, The Daily Linen will offer you poetic clothing. Timeless things. Vintage haberdashery used otherwise. Sober designs, without artifice, often borrowed from past decades, and even the past century. Handmade things that will be sublime on you and which your beauty will sublimate in return, in a completely natural movement. Here is my short message from February. While waiting to proudly present the spring collection to you, I’m going back to my sewing machine this morning to finish off the pretty Peter Pan collars in size 6, 12 and 18 months, made in beautiful white linen … It’s so poetic … And the little girls will be so romantic…With love, France


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