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The swirl of autumn

With the fall coming, The Daily Linen is caught in a daily whirlwind! Harvest, sewing, the tumult of the season, the linen photoshoot (not to mention the oters too!) follow one another at a frantic pace. We must not miss the time of the harvest of flax, flowers and fruits and the ripe fields that are so fleeting.

Autumn palette

To celebrate the season, two of our models, The Dali and Matisse styles, burst into the colors of cinnamon, paprika, ocher and gray. For fans of raw-look natural linen, we sewed an over-skirt, the Adeline style. This garment is reminiscent of a time that makes us somewhat noatalgic. It also immerses us in the paintings of Jean-François Millet and Cesar Pattein who painted the daily tasks and the life of the peasants. The Adeline style will soon be added to our shop.

Linen in all seasons

Since linen is of all seasons, the fabrics are spread on our cutting tables. We are busy like working bees to produce our samples…To make our photos…To create a lifestyle that we love. Discloths will be available in two versions, with expert finishes and with raw edges. Waxed wraps made of pure linen and organic beeswax from Ferme La Fée will soon be on our shelves, so to speak.

Home dyes

Linen ribbons dyed with the natural dye of a beautiful intense purplish and a deep red will make you have a crush, as they are so beautiful. The flowers of the Alcea Roa Nigra passeroses were harvested and their petal offered us a wonderful and precious color. A large platter of blackcurrant produces a dye of beautiful deep crimson red. As we are at our first experiences with home dyeing, made from flowers and fruits of our garden, the blackcurrant color has not evenly distributed on our ribbons. The color presents variations of red and blue on the same piece of fabric. Never mind, we like this imperfect, rustic effect, which is simply more boho.

Official launch

Finally, we are feverish anticipating the official lauch of ouor collections wich will take place on September 28th at 30, Lac Poulin road in Saint-Benoît-Labre from 10am to 4pm. You can meet us both, Réjeanne the designer and the seamstress, and me, France the photographer…and the designer…and the editor…what you want finally! You will be able to see and touch all our products during this day. Our samples will also be offered at a lower cost. Finally, I also made encaustic photo with my series of lilac photos which introduces the young Kamylle, who is only 15 years old. She is so beautiful and with gestures refined and elegant. Réjeanne and I are looking forward to seeing you on September 28!

Join us for this event that will be out of the ordinary in our beautiful countryside!

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