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The Peter Pan collar, a matter of style

Our Peter Pan collar matches the styles we like the most, retro, boho, preppy and classic. See them here on our wonderful models.

Réjeanne is the epitome of boho chic. This style reflects creativity and freedom. In terms of clothing, this translates into a mix of styles, materials and accessories. This usually gives a natural and organic effect. Réjeanne wears her white shirt with fringes and embroidery and has combined it with her beige leather jacket and aged denim shorts. She has combined a mix of artistic and creative elements to create a very personal boho chic look. By adding the Peter Pan black collar with grey details, she adds a unique retro touch, which blends beautifully with the pearl necklace, for a chic, good-looking, classic and elegant BCBG note. With her leopard print dress and black scarf, she re-invigorates the preppy style, a little wild, always in very good taste. Wearing our pretty black Peter Pan collar with grey details on these two outfits whose styles are completely different, she shows that this little piece of clothing personalizes any outfit in an original way.

Marie looks very retro with her small cut to the waist fitted dress, very tailor fit, in the style of the 1950s. To achieve this perfect look, the little dress falls just above or below the knee. This 1950s look is very trendy this summer. With the little gray Peter Pan collar, it is a natural marriage that emphasizes femininity. A vintage look, without extravagance.

Kamylle is the epitome of preppy style. A neat and very modern look, a creative but classic combination of clothing that plays between femininity and masculinity. The preppy style is classic, but young, lively and reinvents itself according to each person’s personality. Kamylle has arranged her tight fit skirt, her net top and to complete her outfit, she wears her espadrilles. With our Peter Pan collar, she has reinvented a unique, sophisticated ans young preppy style.

We owe the word “preppy” to the most influential universities on the East Coast of North America. Since the 1920s, students from the highest social classes have been undergoing intensive training to enter the best schools in the United States. The name of this training is the “preparatory courses”. It was on the benches of these ultra-select preparatory classes that students reinvented their parents’ old uniforms. These schools are steeped in the world of the English “upper-class” tradition. The atmosphere is therefore very codified (uniforms, coats of arms, colors …). Ambassadors of the preppy? Ralph Lauren or Tommy Hilfiger, who never miss an opportunity to display them on their podiums.

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