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The benefits of success

I am a passionate photographer, I sew with great joy, I design my clothing models with happiness and I write for the immense pleasure of communicating. On the other hand, I believe that photography requires designer talents, like fashion and everything related to it. With Lin + Quotidien, it is these aspects that are all part of the creative visuals that I can associate.

This week, I read an article by photographer Clay Cook “Six Investments To Level-Up Your Commercial Photography Business”, which gave me food for thought. Like me, Clay Cook has no formal training in photography. He was a musician and experienced all the ups and downs of this field before his professional reconversion as a photographer. I have no training in photography either, apart from the many years I spent reading and making photography obsessively, neither in fashion design nor in sewing. On the other hand, I sewed a lot for my children, I stacked up fashion and decoration magazines and I was always interested in beautiful clothes. I like things that are sober but sophisticated, classic but revisited, vintage but updated. I like natural materials and I have a penchant for everything that is noble, but sober and refined in essence, and linen is one of them. This is the material I have chosen for my collections. I’ll be able to tell you more about it in a future post.

Back to Clay Cook and the title of this new article, “The benefits of success”. The artist says it took him years to realize that success was not about power, money or fame. Instead, he says that success is personal clarity, health and that it also gives him a lasting love for his art and craft.

I’ve been thinking about what success means in my life, even if it’s only small successes. I totally embrace the thoughts of this photographer whose fame is now international. I would add that for me, being successful is what keeps me moving on and it is also a source of motivation to do so. The success I have had with my linen and cotton sanitary masks is what keeps me moving on. All of this is thanks to you and the people at La Fabrique de Blogs here in Montreal.

It’s not about a hundred thousand dollars, but I’m proud of myself, sitting at my sewing machine and doing the best job I can, to give you the best service possible. I am happy to receive your orders and I fill them with great eagerness. I am grateful that you have found my Lin + Quotidien website and that you like the things presented here.

Over the next few days, I will be adding my beautiful removable Peter Pan collars made of pure linen. I have redesigned the model based on a Simplicity pattern from the mid 1900s. The model I have created goes up less on the neck and I’ve revised the roundness of the collar to make it more design. I also hand sewed a large coat hook to close it on the front or back, depending on your mood.

I leave you with these words, while I can’t wait to introduce you to my beautiful Claudine collars and some inspiring new photographs. Some of which have already been added to my Facebook page, Lin + Quotidien. Finally, I also ask you the question: What does success mean to you?


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